Notice of Critical Changes in Service Delivery Pertaining to Issuance of National Documents

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Kindly be informed that since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the
Embassy has been offering services of updating of National Documents
such as passport and Omang to Botswana in the diaspora using mailing
system. This has, however, led to more challenges than was expected. It is
evident that in the process, Botswana passports are targeted by
unscrupulous people as some customers report losing them through the
system currently in place. We therefore inform that, with immediate effect,
customers requiring services from the Embassy should make an
appointment to visit the Chancery and have their documents processed for
more efficient results.

Kindly take note that this is done to protect the country's integrity in the
region. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. - 11/08/2022.

Thank you.

Embassy of the Republic of Botswana
Washington, D.C.