Peggy Flynn

Nestled in the northwest corner of the Kalahari Desert of Botswana, live the San people, often referred to as Bushmen. Some of the San living in D' kar (Ghanzi District) today were once hunters; they still gather food from the veld (bush) when they can. Most learned of their past from stories told by parents and elders while sitting around the fire. And some imagine life as it once was.

Kuru Art Project of D' Kar

For over 20 years, San artists living in D' Kar have been painting images of the life long ago as well as current scenes and images. Their art keeps their culture alive for future generations and gives hope for all San. Despite their displacement, their struggles and frustrations with lives caught between ancient and modern lifestyles, the joy and vibrancy of their art come through. They paint and draw their stories with the same passion and sensitivity that mark the rock paintings of their ancestors, dated between 60, 000 and 100, 000 years ago.

First USA Exhibit & Sale

A local group, including former Peace Corps Volunteers who served in Botswana and Africa, is planning an exhibit and sale of San art at Museum of Art History in Santa Cruz, CA.
Fundraising efforts are underway to bring San artists here with their paintings and drawings. funds raised from the exhibits will provide basic sustenance for the artists, most of whom have no other means of support; art education for San children to keep their culture alive and vibrant; a children's library; and wells for clean water.

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